Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Use your time wisely

After watching my football catching lesson and focusing on how I managed my time there are things that are obvious elements in my teaching style that I need to polish. During my lesson I spoke to Ricky about volunteering because I knew he had played football before and could throw and catch. While I knew this information I wasted a few seconds going to get a football to demonstrate instead of having Ricky grab one as I continue with my instruction. Another aspect of my lesson that made my management time be longer than it should have been was the students walking to go get a football and line up. This is PE class and it is expected that students will get sweaty running all over the place and in this lesson they walked and I failed to address this and failed to get them to hustle. The activity time just met the minimum 50% of the class time and during this time I walked around and gave feedback. I gave feedback to most if not all of my students correcting minor errors, encouraging, and positively reinforcing . However, I noticed I stayed on the same side the entire time. In the future when I am teaching I cannot do this because being close to a student as they perform the task at hand or giving them feedback face to face may be more important to them that providing feedback from several feet away.

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