Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lets Gator Chomp It!!!

After listening to myself perform my catching the Frisbee lesson there are a few positives and negatives that stand out. Starting with the negatives, I counted several words that I said a handful of times. Words like 'alright' and 'thing' are words that aren't powerful, and don't precisely identify the point i am trying to make. Those words are said by habit and it is a bad habit I will work towards kicking to the curb. Another word I say a lot is 'guys'. I said it when speaking to males and not speaking to males which is habit yet again. I can stop this from happening by saying names or 'class' in general. A major negative that slipped my mind was a safety statement. Some of the positives from my transcript and my lesson in general is linking a not so popular sport TV wise, with a popular sport on the TV to try and spark interest. I also gave a lot of positive feedback to the students. However, it did sound like a broken record in the recording because I mainly said 'nice job' or 'good job'. This can become more specific if I comment on the specific action they are doing a good job in such as "nice job attacking the Frisbee" or "Awesome gator chomp". Something that I thought about was giving the students a challenge (complete the most amount of successful passes without the Frisbee touching the ground) that had no limit. It wasn't first to ten or twenty wins, it was plain and simple but still a challenge for the class. I also touched on intratask variation with several groups by having them catch the Frisbee with one hand. This, along with feedback to a majority of the class were huge goals that i wanted to succeed in, in the lesson.

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  1. Tom,
    I love your enthusiasm and your willingness to look critically at your teaching.
    Keep it up!