Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stability Ball Routine

For my lesson I prepared several upper body and back exercises to perform with the stability ball. Several of the skills were prepared on a video I made for the class to watch and several were not. I had some technical difficulties to deal with the projecter and the laptop skipping the video. I'll admit I didn't polish my lesson so something like that didn't happen but I worked with it and knew the skills with the cues to teach them anyway. My time coding score was rather poor since I had to explain the instant activity since no one had played it before. Also, the students sat on the ball and watch the video, to increase my activity time I could of had them perform the task along with the video. Also my lesson was shorter than the designed 15mins because I was already going over the class period time. Those missed minutes could of made my instant activity go longer and the activties for the stability ball. With that extra time I could of given more personal feedback to the students instead of trying to cram all 4 tasks in a short amount of time.