Thursday, May 14, 2009

Video Games ARE Beneficial

With all this research on video games educating I recently went on to check out the top gaming themed articles. One of the articles that caught my eye is titled 12 ways video games actually benefit "real life". Check it out if you had any interest in my recent blog posts it's pretty interesting and shows that video games isn't all about guns and killing.


  1. I'm not a PE major, but as an Education major I found this article to be very informative and quite appealing. Many educators fail to realize that video games may be used in the classroom for learning purposes and therefore do not take the time to incorporate the possibilities of new media. It is important as an educator to have an open mind to new styles of teaching, especially ones such as video games that could engage today's students due to their impact on adolescence. Overall, I agree that video games do have the potential to be beneficial in a classroom and I think it is wrong to strictly blame video games for youth violence. I am curious to see how this new media could be incorporated into the PE classroom and I wish you luck with that (If you intend to do so!).

  2. I know I commented on this blog post already but the more I thought about it, I wanted to ask for your opinion on an issue. I was recently speaking with a student, a junior actually from the high school I graduated from and she was telling me how PE teacher's are having students who don't want to be physically active in the classroom simply do "paper" gym where they just write article summaries related to PE and submit them for a grade. She also told me that although they were offered the choice of Adventure Activities, weight room, or the traditional reg. sports, they were being graded not on whether or not they tried or participated but on their actual skill and ability to play. First, I found the "paper" gym to just be an excuse for students to get out of the P.E classroom becuase I quote her, "The teacher's just grade you on whether or not you do it, not even on your actual paper" and although it's awesome to have choices in P.E classes, shouldn't students be graded on how they are learning and trying?... If a student is trying really hard and getting better, but is not showing high skill level they shouldn't be penalized for it. Do you think teacher's are just being a bit too traditional? Perhaps a bit lazy?? What do you think?