Friday, May 8, 2009

255 Final Part One

A)Watch videos and read documents

B) The website is based in the country of Canada and the video takes place in the town of Saskatoon which is in the province of Saskatchewan. I found the piece very interesting, it showed how P.E. and physical activity can benefit the performance in other subjects by increasing concentration and mental ability in students, to name a few. The P.E. teacher wasn't directly involved in the experiment because the students ran on the treadmills during their classroom time. They transitioned from physical activity to classroom work rather quickly to maximize the benefits provided by the physical activity. The program turned out to be a huge success with everyone improving in reading, math, and comprehension. All students advanced at least a whole reading level. Many students became interested in the material they were learning, their overall health improved because of the physical activity and behavior and lifestyle changes occurred that would benefit society. The obvious standard thatassociates with this program is that the students are involved in rigorous physical activity that will improve several aspects of their overall fitness such as cardio respiratory endurance. Another standard that this program overlaps is creating a safe and healthy environment. The students were sent to that school because their were deemed problem children. And because of this program all of the students are improving academicly and some are changing their life around to be a better person and get away from the things that troubled them in the past. The are also building meaningful relationships with their peers and teachers all because they are so engaged in physical activity and academics.

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